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Strategic Planning, Supporting New Entrepreneurial Businesses, and Providing Initial Funding

We support entrepreneurs, innovators, and forward-thinking companies in Oman at every stage of growth. Whether you have a transformative idea, nascent startup or thriving enterprise, our expertise helps maximize your potential.

Planning the Future of Enterprises

Advanced technology roadmapping and architecture services help established firms scale via innovation. Our roadmaps guide complex IT projects.

Transforming Ideas to Disruptive Businesses

Visionaries can build lasting firms with our venture studio. We help entrepreneurs develop strategic goals, hire top talent, and launch solutions that solve customer issues.

Injecting Capital and Expertise

We invest in pre-seed and seed firms worldwide to develop traction, grow into new areas, and build a global client base. Unicorns are born here.

Oman Welcomes You

With a forward-thinking startup ecosystem, Oman welcomes entrepreneurs to build ventures accelerating development.

Business, Growth, and Funding Services

Our unique team operates at the intersection of IT business consulting, venture building, and venture funding to help clients in Oman achieve accelerated growth in forward-thinking ways.

IT Strategy and Roadmapping Services

In partnership with our team, companies can build competitive advantage through advanced technologies mapped to their priorities.

Venture Studio Services

Our venture studio helps entrepreneurs develop innovative concepts into revolutionary products, services and startups.

Venture Funding Services

Our early stage funding helps visionary startups worldwide scale quickly and maximize potential.

Meet our partners

Our team operates at the intersection of business strategy, venture building and funding —providing individuals with disruptive ideas, founders and established companies experience that helps turn vision into reality.

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